Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Woo-hoo ... lift off!

Two brave souls have given me their e-mail addresses, so soon there will be three posters on here! Cornbread, I agree with you that it would be best to choose something we've never read before, so we come to it fresh.

There is the potential problem of all team members not being able to get hold of the same book, given that we're spread out a bit, so I thought a good way to get over this, would be to pick something from this year's Booker Prize list - I've included a link to the website in this blog. I'm going to try find 2 or 3 likely candidates and if everyone else does the same and names their choices in a post, we can have a vote on which to tackle first.


cornbread hell said...

-i don't care if you've read it. i just prefer new suggestions for myself.

i looked through all the longlists for 2005-2008 and the only author i even recognized was salmon rushdie. the only title i recognized was the 2002 winner, the life of pi, which i've always intended to read.

i also like the title of a 2005 book; a short history of tractors in ukrainian.

and one of my favorite authors, william golding, won the 1980 booker with rites of passage.

so, those are my 3 suggestions.

any of these books *should* be available for cheap on amazon?

and yeah, i know i'm s'posed to post rather than comment. but why is that???

Lily said...

Um well, because I don't think of this as 'my' book club blog but 'our' blog. Actually you won't be able to post until you're a team member and I think you have to reply to an e-mail from Blogger to do that. Posting is also good because your comments and ideas are instantly visible and don't get overlooked. Oh dear, this is bringing out the bossy in me :-(

cornbread hell said...

yes'm boss lady.
i just did it. can i cuss? do i have to use the shift key? can i post pornography? and what if i fart while posting?

btw, is that a picture of you on *our* blog?

Lily said...

Well it depends which picture you're looking at, but yes to one of them although the other has the same hairdo and could be me in my imagination.

Lily said...

lol, in answer to the other questions, if you must (but please, not the 'c' word), not necessarily, absolutely not and feel free, I do.

cornbread hell said...

hahahahaha. i just now read this last comment.