Thursday, 27 November 2008

I can't wait any longer!

My copy of A Short History of Tractors in Ukranian arrived today! As voting seems to have stopped, I've altered the poll to finish in half an hour. Hope no-one minds. See if you can spot the subtle change to the blog picture when the poll ends :-)


cornbread hell said...

ok. i finally got the book. will read tonight. (your early morning, i suppose.)

and yes, i see the cool change you made in the picture. very cool.

Clippy Mat said...

what change? i am so unobservant.
haven't got the book yet. too busy with the christmas stuff. but i will look for it soon.

Lily said...

Well spotted that man! Clippy - I've replaced the top far right book on the right hand bookcase with a photo of the spine of Tractors. I'm planning to do the same with each book the club chooses. If we're still going in a few years time, I might have to add another bookcase!