Thursday, 20 November 2008

Vote for one of Cornbread's books

... one vote per person, mind!

Wish I'd set an earlier date for the poll vote to close - I'm keen to get started on reading the first book! Looks like Tractors is unlikely to be beaten.....think I'll take a chance and get a copy from ebay now.

Oh many to choose from! Shall I settle for a cheap paperback or shell out a bit more for the tactile pleasure of handling a hardback?.....The deed is done, I have made an offer on a hardback and am now waiting to hear back from the seller.

Yay! £3 offer accepted! I promise I won't start reading it until everyone in the book club has their own copy.


josephine terese said...

i like all these choices, but i think i vote tractors, since it seems light and my school year's not yet over. (selfish, huh!)
-i tried to read pi once, but someone told me the ending which uncovers a metaphor and kind of ruined it for me. i'm open to trying again though, if that's the vote :)
-the third choice sounds good but a little dense for my taste at the moment.

Clippy Mat said...

tractors? ok then. i will hunt down a copy.
and read it.
well when i say read it, i mean start it and then also finish it. because that's usually my downfall.