Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Almost there

  1. Three of us have acquired copies of Tractors. Would it be rude to make a start or should we wait for our fourth esteemed member? I don't mind either way.
  2. I think book clubs work by everyone reading the whole book then getting together to discuss it. Of course we could make our own rules up - how about posting your ideas on how we could run ours, eg check in chapter by chapter/set a few dates to meet online and discuss however much we've read by then?


cornbread hell said...

oops. i started it last night. but i only read 1 chapter.

guffaw count: 0
chuckle to self count: 1
pissed off at a character count: 1

cornbread hell said...

oh, and about the rules? i'm not very good at rules. make some up and i'll try to follow them...

Lily said...

lol, and I thought I was impatient! Ok, being a certified bossy boots, I make up some rules (and blame you!)

cornbread hell said...

yes ma'am.

Clippy Mat said...

shit. sorry.
still haven't got it.
had no shopping time. will do better.
catch up this week.

Lily said...

no worries Clippy!