Saturday, 13 December 2008

team post

Did you know that as a team member, you can not only create your own posts for the blog, but you can add to existing ones posted by other members?
This means that once the first review is posted, we can all add to that post and our thoughts will be immediately visible on the blog, instead of having to check the comments window all the time. It would look and feel more like a conversation. (We'd have to add our names before/after our contributions so we could tell who said what.)

Of course I'm not advocating tinkering with any old post, just the ones that invite co-authors. We could add 'team post' or something similar to our post titles to indicate that we'd like others to join in. What do you think guys? Practise on this one!

OOPS Cornbread has just pointed out that he can only alter his own posts. My fault - I'd forgotten to give team members administrative privileges. Have ticked the right boxes now (hopefully!) so please try again.

i shall call this post a practise team-practice. (cornbread)

There you go! (Lily)


cornbread hell said...

it seems i'm allowed to edit the posts i posted but not yours. :-(

Lily said...

oh bugger, I probably need to make you all administrators. I'll be back.........

Stitchwhiz said...

Hi Lily,
I've recently reconnected with Cornbread Hell via blogger. I checked out the book at the library. On a side note I had to contribute 3 cans to the TX Tarrant Co. food bank to get me out of late fine jail.

Question: should I read fast and be ready to discuss? I could probably pull an all-nighter. Or is it better to just kibbitz? And then pick up with the club on the next book club selection.
Thanks for organizing. Maybe I should provide full disclosure. I've never been a member of any book discussion group.

Lily said...

Welcome Stitchwhiz! (Sorry about the can tax!) It would be great if you could read as much as possible and just wing it once the discussion gets going - the more the merrier! Don't feel pressured - we're taking our time getting started on our first book. Please send me your e-mail in a comment - I won't publish it - and then I can make you a team member with full privileges!

Stitchwhiz said...

Thanx, I'm in! Read the first chapter today and I'm probably gonna get my own copy just so I can mark it up and highlight the rich parts, like "He's completely off his trolley." I'll definitely use that expression frequently as I go about my days. Fun book, so far.

Lily said...

Yay! So glad you've joined us Stitchwhiz!